Benefits of "A" level

1. A Levels are the most valued qualifications for entry into UK universities

If you plan to attend university in the UK, then you should consider taking A levels first. UK universities do accept other entrance qualifications, however A levels are given greater consideration. With A levels you do not have to take foundation courses - you can begin work on your degree immediately. They are also internationally recognised without additional verification.


2. They are the best preparation for university courses

The very best way to prepare for UK university courses is by taking A levels. A level courses are essentially university entrance exams, and the study skills required for success in A levels are the same study skills needed to succeed at university.


3. Top universities prefer A levels

The best way to get into a top university is by having an excellent academic record which includes A level qualifications. The most competitive universities prefer students with excellent marks in A level subjects.


4. They allow you to specialize in subjects of your choice

A levels are designed to allow you to focus on the subjects which will be most directly connected with your course of study at university. The subjects most frequently chosen by international students are Business, Mathematics and Sciences as well as core Humanities subjects, including English and History.


6. They develop the English skills you need at university

All A level classes help international students develop exceptional English language skills, which are a huge advantage when starting university.


7. Even employers prefer A levels

It’s not only universities which prefer candidates with A levels. Employers are also becoming increasingly interested in candidates whose A level results indicate early talents in key subjects.

With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that the popularity of A levels with international students is on the rise. 

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