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The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is one of the most recognised and respected secondary qualifications in the world. They equip students, generally aged 14-16, with the knowledge and skills required to progress seamlessly on to level 3 education, including Edexcel GCE A Level, Edexcel International Advanced Level, BTEC or national qualifications. At Pearson we offer a choice of GCSE solutions to suit the needs of the student. The world renowned Edexcel GCSE follows the UK syllabus and provides a solid foundation for educational success.

Meanwhile Edexcel International GCSE has been developed to the same world-class standards, but with the global learner in mind. Where possible, our specialists have developed subject content to allow teachers to base work on their own country, making it more relevant to students.

Edexcel GCSE

Edexcel International GCSE

Both Edexcel GCSE and Edexcel International GCSEs can be studied together; in conjunction with national qualifications; or with vocational qualifications such as BTEC or LCCI, to provide a comprehensive suite of subjects to study.

At the core of everything we do at Pearson is the desire to make a measurable impact on improving people’s lives through learning. From primary school to secondary school, through to professional certification; our qualifications help educate millions of people worldwide.

Edexcel qualifications combine the rigour, traditions and quality associated with Pearson’s 150 year history as part of the British education system; with the methodology, content and support designed to enable your child to thrive in today’s global society.

Our World Class Qualifications standards prepare students and open doors at the world’s most prestigious universities.

A level qualifications are considered the gold standard for academic achievement. They equip students, generally aged 16-19, with the knowledge and skills to realize their ambitions and open doors to the most prestigious universities worldwide – including Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

Edexcel GCE A levels inspire minds and are among the most widely known and respected qualifications in the world. They follow the UK syllabus and there are over 30 subjects to choose from.

Developed for the unique needs of the global learner, Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) has the same rigorous academic as the GCE A level and is currently available in 12 popular subjects, including – Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry – with a further 6 new subjects available for first teaching in September 2016.

Edexcel GCE A level

Edexcel IAL

Both Edexcel GCE A levels and International Advanced Levels prepare students with the skills and knowledge required to gain access to world-class universities. They can be studied together; in conjunction with national qualifications; or with vocational qualifications such as BTEC or LCCI, to provide a comprehensive suite of subjects to study.

Well-rounded international education

Edexcel Primary and Lower (PLSC) has been designed specifically for international schools and is based on Key Stages 2-3 of the National Curriculum for England. It gives pupils a solid foundation for lifelong learning and improved results, with a structured curriculum in English, Maths and Science

Edexcel Primary Curriculum is designed for 8-11 year old pupils (key stage 2) and provides seamless progression on to national qualifications or on to the Edexcel Lower Secondary Curriculum, which is aimed at 12-14 year old pupils (key-stage 3).

Engaging, creative and supportive

Students build on the foundation that they’ve developed and lower secondary level by taking a wide range of higher national and global qualifications – including Edexcel GCSE, International GCSE, BTEC and LCCI qualifications.

By choosing Edexcel PLSC you will provide your child with the best preparation possible for secondary school and higher-level qualifications.

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